Etsy Search Ads: Day One Results

by Elizabeth on September 29, 2011

Let's Talk EtsyEtsy Search Ads went live yesterday, and I’d love to hear how they are going for anyone who advertised.  I ran an ad for $10 and 10,000 impressions (it runs all week) for Swanky Press.  I was quietly hoping for a big spike in views and sales, but it just didn’t happen.

In summary, I had 1,100 impressions from etsy Search Ads placement.  Of these, only 4 people actually clicked through to my products.  None “favorited” or purchased.  My ads were for the entire shop – not one particular section.

On the flip side, through my normal tagging and promoting processes, I had views, clicks, favorites, and sales yesterday.  No more or less activity than normal.

From the first day’s results, it sadly appears that the Search Ads might have the same low effectiveness as etsy’s old program where you paid to be a featured item.  I’ll be tweaking the tags in the Search Ads today, but so far, I’m thinking I just wasted $10.

So, did anyone else run an ad?  What were your stats?  (You can find them by logging in, and under “your account” scroll down and hit “shop stats”.)

  • stitchinnetka

    I’m running ads as well, so far I’m not super thrilled about it, had only few views, but a lot of impressions, more then usual, but also I have listed new item, so I don’t know how that effects my views. Definitely a good side of ads is an easy way to see how the keywords fluctuate during the day and pick the most relevant once for your description, tags and titles. This part ,so far ,I do enjoy the best. But still I’m pretty mad at etsy about the whole ‘change’ especially making it happen right before crazy holiday season. That was a really bad move, that is hurting lots of shops.

  • carahunter

    So bummed about the search ads…..has not worked for me so far at all..only a couple clicks and its showing no revenue….. has some sales in other ways,but not from the search ads….total waste of 10 bucks.;( I wish they would go back to most recent…it was so much better…my sales really took a hit with this change.

  • Alison

    I’ve had the same results w/ Etsy search ads: 3 or 4 click-throughs/day. Even tweaked it so the second week only a few items from the shop are being featured in search ads: no change. I’ll be canceling the ads after this week.

  • Kim

    I’m wondering also. I also paid for a showcase. Have you ever done that before? If so how did that go? so nervous,,,, kid

    • Elizabeth

      I haven’t paid for a showcase. I considered it when I was brand new to etsy, thinking it would be a good way of getting exposure. Then I asked around on the etsy forums a bit, and was told that very few sales come from them. That was about 18 months ago, so it might have improved since then. Stop back and let us know how the showcase went!

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