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by Elizabeth on October 26, 2011

Let's Talk EtsyAs of this week, Etsy is now making it easier for sellers to connect with their clients (and potential clients) through Facebook and Twitter. Etsy has set up the ability to link your Facebook fan page and twitter account to the home page of your shop.

This is great news for shop owners who work hard to create a social media presence, but then have no easy way to direct viewers of your page to your social media sites.  In the past, we’ve been forced to add long (unclickable) links in our shop descriptions – which, honestly, were hidden away where no one would see them anyway.

The new social media icon links will show directly below the right side of your shop banner.  They will show on each page of your shop, not just the home page.  They do NOT, however, show to the viewer when they are on an individual item listing.  This is how the new buttons look on my page:

Social Media Buttons on Etsy

Setting up your links is very simple.  Just go to the home page of your shop (logged in as you, the seller), and you will see a spot at the top right where etsy is asking for your links.  Note:  I believe the Facebook link is for fan pages only.  It does not appear set up to take personal Facebook accounts that are being used to promote a business.

In summary, Etsy did a great job on this one.  My only suggestion would be that they consider allowing other social media down the road.  It would be great to be able to link to your blog or Pinterest account.

  • Heather

    As always- Thanks for keeping us updated!!

  • Renee

    Your blog is the best! Thank you again for keeping us informed!

  • Jutta

    You rock!!! Going to do that RIGHT NOW!!! :)

  • Kristina McCook

    Thanks for sharing! Just linked to facebook and twitter!!!!

  • Lindsay {Easy Made Invitations}

    Just linked to facebook! Thanks for the tip!!

  • Jutta

    I linked my store, but for some reason I can only link to my personal FB… I must be doing something wrong, but can’t figure it out… Can you help?

  • Nikki

    I was just about to ask about the same thing! I’m having the same problem as Jutta…I can only link to my personal FB page. Any tips you can offer are greatly appreciated!
    And, as always, thanks for a great post!!

  • Karen

    Thanks for posting this. I had contacted etsy on this and they said they would be addressing this shortly. I agree with you on their needing to take this further to the blog level and Pinterest.
    Thanks again!! :)

  • Monica of TG Bears

    Thanks for the info.

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