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by Elizabeth on April 11, 2012

PR is something that is hard for many mompreneurs and small-business owners.  We spend a lot of time and energy creating our products, but then can be a bit clueless about how to promote them.  After looking for some time, I finally found a book that I can recommend that helps to clarify the process:  Recipe for Press: Pitch your Story Like the Pros and Create a Buzz, by Amy Flurry.

Amy is a freelance writer and editor, and has 18 years of experience pitching stories for others.  In her new book, she takes that experience and breaks it down into a simple d.i.y. guide for press and press releases. The book is easy to read, and simply explains what a press release is, how to write it, and where to submit it.

Although it may seem obvious, I think a lot of us tend to want to rush out and pitch our wonderful businesses without really defining up front who we are and who our ideal customers are.  One of Amy’s most helpful sections it titled “Who Are You?”.  It gives you the questions and road map to define yourself and your business before you even approach the press release idea. Without this basic identity, it’s hard to pitch a consistent message for yourself.

Amy also spends quite a bit of time explaining how to anticipate a story, and what editors are really looking for in a press release.  As someone who has never worked in publishing, I found the behind-the-scenes information about how it works and what editors need to be very enlightening.

Visually, the book is beautiful – filled with amazing photos that really give a feel for elegant ways to present your product (and yourself).  Amy delves deeply into the subject of product photography, and provides some great interviews to show how others approach this sometimes frustrating element of our business.

All in all, I would say that Recipe for Press is a book that I would recommend to just about anyone who feels ready to take their small business to the next level.  It’s a quick read that will certainly get marked and highlighted as you refer to it over and over again.  You can check it out here.

  • Amy’s Party Ideas

    Great book suggestion!  I just ordered my copy!!!!  Thank you!

  • Aneta Hayne

    That sounds great , and right on time for me ! It’s on my list , can’t wait to read it :)

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