Etsy offers to pay for women programmers to attend Hacker School

by Elizabeth on April 7, 2012

We are mompreneurs.  We sell on etsy.  And now, for a talented few, etsy gives back.

Most of us are self taught, but in order to run our businesses, a few mompreneurs have amassed a high level of programming skills.  Some others have degrees in programming but have been home  with kids for a while and are itching to get back into the swing of things.

Etsy serves women shoppers, and a vast majority of their shops are owned by women.  But surprisingly, as of last September, only 3 of their 96 programmers are women.

Etsy is hosting an annual Hacker School. Hacker School is a New York-based project described by its founders (David Albert, Nicholas Bergson-Shilcock, and Sonali Sridhar) as “a three-month, immersive school for becoming a better programmer. It’s like a writers’ retreat for hackers.”

Hacker School accepts 40 students annually – and as a sponsor, Etsy is stepping up and saying they will pay a stipend for half of the attendees to be women.  Each woman chosen will recieve a $5,000 grant from Etsy to cover their expenses while in NYC.  There is no tuition for the actual Hacker School.  The stipend is for living expenses.
If you are interested and talented – check out etsy’s press release for more information.

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