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by Elizabeth on May 22, 2012

Let's Talk EtsyToday is a good day for etsy shop owners.  Yesterday, etsy rolled out changes to quantity listings and renewals, that are very helpful to sellers who repeatedly sell the same item.

Under the new policy, if you list multiple quantities available of a product, you are charged only $0.20 at the original listing.  This is the same price as if you just listed one item.  When the item sells, it will AUTOMATICALLY be renewed, with all of the renewal benefits (such as showing up higher in search results).  When it renews, you will be charged another $.20, just as if you had manually renewed the item.

This is also helpful to shoppers.  If you have a set of 10 notecards listed, you can put in multiple quantities.  Then a shopper can purchase 10, 20, or 30 notecards – without them having to message you for a custom listing.  If they order multiples, shipping costs will automatically be adjusted to your stated preferences when they check out.

If you list a quantity, say 5, but only ever sell 2…no worries.  When the item expires, you will NOT be charged a fee for the quantity that never renewed.

You can read about the changes in etsy’s official explanation.  But basically, they’ve automated the renewal process, made things easier for shoppers, and not charged shop owners more in the process.  Thanks, etsy.

  • Leonie @ Ashlee Rae

    Thank you! I always learn so much from your blog…LOVE it!

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